A sixth piano chord - A6

The A sixth chord is a 4-note chord consisting of the notes A, C#, E and F#.
You can see these notes highlighted in the interactive piano chart below.
The chord itself is often abbreviated as A6.

Interactive piano diagram for the A sixth chord

Piano keyboard displaying the A sixth chord with the notes AFbEC#DbF#Gb

Extended Chords

Chords that are a superset of A6. The chords include more notes but always A, C#, E and F#.

Reduced chords

Chords that are a subset of A6. These contain less notes but all of them are included in A6.

Scales with A6

Below you find all scales that include A6:

  • major pentatonic
  • major
  • major blues
  • bebop
  • lydian
  • mixolydian
  • scriabin
  • lydian dominant
  • hungarian major
  • lydian #9
  • bebop minor
  • bebop major
  • ichikosucho
  • half-whole diminished
  • kafi raga
  • composite blues
  • chromatic

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A sixth piano chord chart image

In case you prefer a non-interactive variant of the chord chart, we've embedded a PNG image below that shows the notes for the the A6 chord. Feel free to save or share the image as needed.

Piano chord chart for the A sixth chord (A6). The notes A, C#, E and F# are highlighted.