C diminished piano chord - Cdim

The C diminished chord is a 3-note chord consisting of the notes C, Eb and Gb.
You can see these notes highlighted in the interactive piano chart below.
The chord itself is often abbreviated as Cdim.

Interactive piano diagram for the C diminished chord

Piano keyboard displaying the C diminished chord with the notes B#CD#EbF#Gb

Extended Chords

Chords that are a superset of Cdim. The chords include more notes but always C, Eb and Gb.

Scales with Cdim

Below you find all scales that include Cdim:

  • minor blues
  • diminished
  • locrian
  • locrian pentatonic
  • super locrian pentatonic
  • altered
  • locrian #2
  • ultralocrian
  • locrian 6
  • dorian #4
  • lydian diminished
  • hungarian minor
  • hungarian major
  • flamenco
  • todi raga
  • lydian #9
  • bebop locrian
  • half-whole diminished
  • composite blues
  • messiaen's mode #3
  • messiaen's mode #7
  • chromatic

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C diminished piano chord chart image

In case you prefer a non-interactive variant of the chord chart, we've embedded a PNG image below that shows the notes for the the Cdim chord. Feel free to save or share the image as needed.

Piano chord chart for the C diminished chord (Cdim). The notes C, Eb and Gb are highlighted.