D minor augmented piano chord - Dm#5

The D minor augmented chord is a 3-note chord consisting of the notes D, F and A#.
You can see these notes highlighted in the interactive piano chart below.
The chord itself is often abbreviated as Dm#5.

Interactive piano diagram for the D minor augmented chord

Piano keyboard displaying the D minor augmented chord with the notes DE#FA#Bb

Scales with Dm#5

Below you find all scales that include Dm#5:

  • minor
  • harmonic minor
  • diminished
  • phrygian
  • locrian
  • vietnamese 1
  • pelog
  • hirajoshi
  • malkos raga
  • augmented
  • altered
  • locrian #2
  • ultralocrian
  • augmented heptatonic
  • balinese
  • hungarian minor
  • todi raga
  • spanish heptatonic
  • bebop locrian
  • minor bebop
  • minor six diminished
  • messiaen's mode #3
  • messiaen's mode #7
  • chromatic

D minor augmented piano chord chart image

In case you prefer a non-interactive variant of the chord chart, we've embedded a PNG image below that shows the notes for the the Dm#5 chord. Feel free to save or share the image as needed.

Piano chord chart for the D minor augmented chord (Dm#5). The notes D, F and A# are highlighted.